Struggling to find your groove?  Maybe you're dealing with a tough decision and can't choose a path.  Mark Manson wrote a post, Stop Trying to Be Happy and I think this graphic simplifies the thought process of how to choose.  His article dives deeper into what makes us happy and what is blocking us (hint: it's our own thoughts) from happiness.  The article is a good read, but I really appreciate the simplicity of how to consider your options with this decision tree.

Starting a business (especially in technology) can be a daunting task and while the web offers an overwhelming number of resources... many wonder where to start.  The LFPL launched a free resource to help solve those challenges with their Treehouse online tools.   Yesterday, as part of their launch announcement, I participated in a panel discussion hosted by Louisville.AM's, Dan Vonderheide.  He kept the conversation on track which is a challenge when asking three founders about their entrepreneurial start and lessons learned.  

Today is the first day of 2011 and like most I spent some time reflecting on 2010.  I'm pretty happy with what I accomplished, but a glaring hole was my blog.  Glaring doesn't really state the size of this gap, I literally didn't post once the entire year... as in ZERO.  With so many people out there telling you how to create great content, monetize it and how to get incoming links, I instead offer you the top 10 ways to NOT maintain your blog.

Tonight, my siblings and I retrieved some old boxes from my parents' attic.  A few were even labeled with our individual names.  We found old photos, baseball cards, trophies and toys from our childhood.  My brother and I were excited to see his son (my nephew) play with toys we found entertaining years ago.  Sesame Street and the firehouse were pretty cool, but Hulk Hogan and the other wrestling figures were just awesome!

Sometimes when you hear of a business concept you have to look twice, but this one was for all the wrong reasons.  I mean what woman wouldn't want to use a coin-operated machine to style her hair in a club, restaurant or mall bathroom?  For those interested in creating a passive income stream, feel free to learn about their "amazing" business opportunity.  Here's their pitch...

We successfully filled a tech position a month ago and looking back on that process, I now see what top traits we MUST have in any employee.  I know people talk about experience, education and training, but there's more to sort through with quality candidates than what's on the resume.

Lately I've been running with my brother and my nephew, but last night I ran by myself.   With an iPod full of tunes, my RoadID and my watch, I navigated the neighborhood on a nice, cool night.  I regularly peeked at the minutes to see if I was speeding up and calculating what pace I was keeping.  The constant concern over my "number" made it easy to distract my mind.

Most of us spend a majority of our waking hours working because we're required or we voluntarily choose to labor.  Some even consider their work as part (sometimes too great) of their personal identity.

In mid-September, my friend Landon was thrown a surprise birthday party.  He's very much a details guy (try playing him in any game and you'll see) so I thought he'd probably catch wind of the party.  However, he arrived to a rousing crowd and no one leaked the news.  He was stunned and later said he didn't come down for almost two days from the emotion.

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I was invited to speak today to the 200 folks who make up the E.On US IT department. The venue was Claudia Sanders Dinner House and I was slated to talk just after lunch. Speaking after a meal can be tough and if you've ever been to this fine establishment of country cookin' you can imagine how many in the room wanted to nap.