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Continental Flight 1404 passenger Mike Wilson (@2drinksbehind) used Twitter to communicate first-hand news of last night's plane crash. I took screen shots of his tweets to show what Twitter can do for immediate access to information. I broke them down into the summary (shown below), the most recent and all of Mike's related tweets.

Today marks my 650th day using Twitter. Rob and I first signed up for Twitter at SXSW in March 2007. At the time, we both didn't "get it" which remains the same for most new Twitter users. However, today I continually find great links to information I'd probably miss, insightful input on questions I need answered and of course good old entertainment.

After four years of Treo's, I've switched to the Blackberry. Just a few weeks after I blasted the Blackberry Storm, I did join the "Crackberry" ranks, but with the Curve.

The most common word in the startup vernacular to describe the stage of financing is its round. I told Andy Swan Tuesday, I view startup careers more like rounds in a boxing match with each one being a new business.

On the surface, MoneyPath is Lending Tree for commercial loans. MoneyPath matches a business wanting a new loan (or refi) with banks that want those specific types of loans. The easy description still is Lending Tree due to banks competing for loans, but we view it more like eHarmony because we took loan competition one step further.

In seems, the only thing you can read about these days is how bad the economy is and the effects it will have on startups.